Declaration of disavowal

To d tawaghit of evrytime & place,to their servants & their misguidin ulama,their supporters & armies,their police& dumb agencies,their guardians to all of them collectively,we say:Verily,we’r free frm you & whatever u worship besides Allah.(Mumtahinah:4).
we r free frm ur wretched laws,methodologies,constitutions &values…free frm ur repugnant govt,courts and media… ‘We av rejected u,& it has become apparent btw us & u,enmity & hatred forever,until u believe in Allah alone.(Mumtahinah:4)
All praise is due to Allah,the Guardian of the Pious and the One who brings humiliation to the enemies of the religion


We, the Revolutionaries of this Ummah

“Look at the words of our noble Imam Ahmad
ibn Hanbal (rh. a) coming from the Islamic
perspective of how societies change: “If I had
one du’a guaranteed to be answered, I would
supplicate for the Sultan (Khalif/Ruler), for
when he is upright, the people of the land will
be upright, and when he is corrupt, there is
corruption in people of the land.” – Imam
Ahmad ibn Hanbal [Tahrir al-Ahkam fi Tadbir
ahl al-Islam, 1:50-51]
There is a common misconception that Islam
teaches us to change the entire society and
only then we should talk about implementing
Islam, rather as long as Islam has the power to
be implemented, it is implemented and thereby
it changes society. And this fact can not only
be demonstrated in the method of the Prophet
Muhammad (saw) but also in contemporary
history… during the European renaissance,
the ideas of “freedom”, “court trials before
punishment” or “secularism” were not first
accepted by the general masses, rather these
ideas were promoted by key philosophers and
became general opinion only after the rulers
adopted them as their ideology.
Similarly the ideology of socialism/communism
which eventually collapsed, started by key
group of people and only spread as an ideology
when it was implemented and supported by the
Or consider homosexuality which was
considered as a heinous crime in Europe and
America until the governments themselves
started taking the lead roles by promoting
homosexuality, the movie industry, the
television, the literature was encouraged
which promoted this concept until it became
the public opinion, today anyone who is against
homosexuals is considered a weirdo, a total U-
turn in just a few years.
Thus, to bring the Islamic change into the
society, not every individual in the society
needs to be persuaded or changed, rather
steps are taken to generate minimum public
opinion and to persuade the key members of
society to grant the power or in Islamic terms
the “Nussrah” for implementation of Islam and
once established, the Islamic state uses its
resources to continue the Dawah of Islam
which is the responsibility of the State as
demonstrated by 1300 years of Islamic
expansion under the various Khulafa.
This is how the Islamic state established itself
as a source of light in the darkness of Kufr in
the past, demonstrated justice in the sea of
injustice and came to the aid of the weak and
the needy to bring them from darkness of
ignorance to the light and prosperity of Islam.
May Allah give us the chance to live in the land
of Islam once again and may Allah make us of
those who work & struggle for it as the Sahaba
did when it first emerged.. Aameen.”
– [Maajed Abu-Muslim]