Declaration of Disavowal ll

Know-may Allah allow ourselves & you to attain that which He loves & He is pleased with-that Islam is not correct with the slave,nor is the religion,except when it includes the enmity towards the enemies of Allah & His Messenger(s) & the allegiance of the Supporters of Allah & His Messenger(s).He the Most High said:”O you who believe! Take not for Awliya'(supporters & helpers)your fathers & your brothers if they prefer disbelief to Belief(Tawbah:23).
And Abul-Wafa’ ibn Uqayl(r)said,if you wish to know the status of Islam among the people of a particular time,then donot look at the crowding at the doors of the Masaajid,nor to their echoing with “Labbayk”.Rather look to their enmity towards the enemies of the Shari’ah.So seek refuge in the shield of the religion & remain steadfast to the great rope of Allah & the allegiance to His believing supporters and beware,again beware His opposing enemies,as the best thing by which to draw nearer to Allah,the Most High,is the severe fury towards those who oppose Allah & Messenger & waging Jihad against them by hand,the tongue & the heart,according to one’s ability.