From Br. Musa regarding Egypt

The situation in Egypt is before each of our eyes even if we are physically far from what is taking place. We see what is happening via social media and news broadcasts and no doubt each of us will be disturbed by what we see. However, we must not let emotions dictate our beliefs and methodology, we must understand what is taking place from a pure Islamic point of view, analysing the call behind each group and then understanding who is upon Truth and who is not.

The first group is that led by Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi which comprises of the Egyptian Army, Police, secularists and various political groups is clearly a group of tyranny who are enemies of Allah and the Islamic State. Their call is one of alliance with the kuffar, a nominal ascription to the kufr of Democracy and a belief that killing Muslims to protect their power is justified. They do not call for Islamic Law and instead pledge to reinstate something similar to the tyranny of Mubarak. They have attacked the Mujahideen in Sinai and have made their stance clear and known to the people. They openly declare their enmity to Islam, to Islamic Law and to the Believers.

The group that is calling for the reinstatement of Muhammad Mursy is comprised primarily of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan Al-Muslimun) as well as consisting of various smaller political groups. The slogan of their group has been Sharʿiyyah [شرعية] which means ‘Legitimacy’. They have argued that Mursy is the legitimate leader of Egypt and thus must be reinstated and the coup against him must be undone. It must be noted that their call is for Sharʿiyyah and not Sharīʿah (Islamic Law), something which Mursy never instated during his short rule, instead ruling by a mixture of Islamic laws as well as non-Islamic laws (the fact that alcohol was legal throughout his entire period as PM of Egypt is just one example of this). The claim that Mursy is somehow legitimate despite not ruling by Islamic Law is therefore erroneous. Their claim that Mursy is legitimate is based upon the fact that he won the Democratic election that took place and therefore is the legitimate ruler of Egypt. This is a claim which constitutes disbelief as it uses Democracy as the basis of legitimacy rather than the Religion of Allah. Mursy was never legitimate and was in his acts of legislation barely different from Mubarak. He might have claimed to be an Islamist and even posed as one, however his actions and belief (such as the belief in the legitimacy of Democracy) made him illegitimate.

Whilst many of those protesting alongside the pro-Mursy supporters may sincerely be pro-Islam and want Sharīʿah for Egypt, their support for Mursy and the claim that he is legitimate shows that they lack a clear understanding of who he and his party really are as well as an Islamic naivety.

These 2 groups then can be classified as both being illegitimate and both being un-Islamic. Their descriptions can be described as such –

The first group are like the maghḍūbi ʿalayhim [those upon whom is Allah’s wrath] and the second group are like the ḍāllīn [those who are astray]. The first group are clear enemies of Islam, they openly declare their opposition to Islamic Law and know that they are breaking Allah’s commandments. They attack those who stand up for Islam and try to kill the sincere servants of Allah. The second group are closer in their words to the Truth yet their ignorance makes them misguided and they end up contravening the very principles which they claim to stand for. In reality the 2 groups abandon the Law of Allah in favour of a claim to adherence to Democracy. As such neither group are upon the Truth and neither group should be supported.

What then should those in Egypt as well as the Muslims in general do and who should they support? The answer is that their allegiance should be to Islam, the establishment of an Islamic State that rules by Allah’s Law and to support those that are working sincerely for this. Within Egypt there are Mujahideen upon the Truth though they are a minority, and in the world as a whole the righteous believers are many and they are gaining numerous victories which give us hope and pride as Muslims.

If I were in Egypt now I would not be sitting in Tahrir or Rabaa squares, rather I would be trying to group together those with the right methodology to stand up and take power as best as we could or else to look outside Egypt to invite the Mujahideen to enter and clean up the apostates and tyrants. I believe that the Mujahideen of Libya, Sudan and other nearby countries should unite with those in Egypt and carry out a combined assault upon Sisi’s group and those supporting him in Egyptian Army in order to finish them off and lead a state that is ready to rule by Allah’s Law and to be a shining light for the Ummah as it was in the past.
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Rehan Rafi
you cant blame it on any one , everyone is in a different mess .
Like · Reply · 1 hour ago
Hesham Habib
May Alllah preserve you ya sheikh…
Like · 1 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Mu’az Zulkarnain Al Jalingowy
Democracy is a scam and it will scatter sooner or later. May Allah preserve and protect you Brother Musa I really love this frankness !
Like · 1 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Shon Aboulmaty
Like · Reply · 1 hour ago
Ahmed El.Sheikh
who the hell you think you are to call anyone “enemies of Allah and the Islamic State or Kuffar” do you know any of them personally, did you open their hearts to check their faith…your post shows complete ignorance of what’s the real situation in Egypt in addition to the teaching of Islam itself.
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Ibrahim Ibido
Allah knows best. Our Lord guide us to the straight path.
Like · Reply · 27 minutes ago
Nadim Ahmad Al-Muhajir
May Allah protect our brother Musa Cerantonio
Like · 1 · Reply · 1 hour ago
يوسف صادق
I totally agree with that
Like · 1 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Asrar Nazir
I read this brother.. i was too down and shocked .. felt little peace..
Like · 2 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Abdellah Boudami
As salâmu ‘alaykum,

Very clear, may Allah rewards you.
Like · 2 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Hafsa Muhammed
JazakAllaha khair Brother Musa, this clears a lot of things.
Like · 1 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Ramadhani Sultan
Democracy,secularismand militancy rule supported by US those are kuffar, they are enemy of Allah, curse them, filthy people-coup
Like · Reply · 1 hour ago
Woozie Gaafar
well, brother musa for your information, i’m egyptian, and i’m one of those people who voted for mursi, i thought he would give nasr and Izza to muslims and implement true islam, and if you take the time to read my comment, if the pro CC and his followers are clearly a group of tyranny who are enemies of Allah and the islamic state, then certainly the so called muslim brotherhood are not the allies of Allah and they did not implement the Islamic sharia when they were in Authority when Allah has given them the chance. so they are far from being Allah’s Allies. i honestly can not believe what these so called muslims are doing, getting to the streets destroying everything, shouting and yelling and cripple traffics. and throwing stones at innocent civillians properties and churchs and places of worship and do about everything that the prophet muhammed pbuh prohibited us to do. and i do appreciate when someone tries to group together people with the right methodology, and i wish it was that easy, but right now no one is sure of anything anymore, every body claims that they have the truth on their sides, and if you do not follow them they will accuse you of treason and betrayal, so. i guess best thing to do now is to take the prophet’s advice when he warned us about fitna and tribulation and staying home, only agree with what is trusted and what is islamic, and not to listen to what may lead us astray or conflict with the teachings of islam untill the fitna perish
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Abu-Umar Abdullaah
On playing politics and falling on its face ikhwanis have made mistakes I totoly agree. However to go as far as making takfeer. I distence myself from your ppenion and your view. And my learned brother do tell people that you are not a shaykh. Correct me and any one and restrain from takfir.
Edited · Like · Reply · 55 minutes ago
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Wasim Dhada
Ahmad, so do you think that what Sisi is solders are doing is correct?
Like · 1 · Reply · 49 minutes ago
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Hamd Ibn Ateeq
brother please do make such clearification time to time. for many muslims are confused. i can see someone commenting that egypt needs FEA like syrian FSA. he doesnt know that they are democratic rebels who want baillot boxes
Like · 1 · Reply · 38 minutes ago
Waleed Mohamed
Masha’ Allah Tabarak Allah, this is what I have been saying all along. You took the words right out of my mouth.
Unlike · 1 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Omar Islam
They need ‘FREE EGYPTIAN ARMY’ in Egypt.
Like · 1 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Mujahid Mohammad
I respectfully admire your struggle brother Musa, May Allaah(SWT) reward you with the best Allaah (SWT) has. May Allah (SWT) give Sabar e Azeem to the victicms of oppression around the world and give victory to Islam and Muslimeen and Admit us into Jannah.. Ameen ye Rabbal Aalameen.
Unlike · 3 · Reply · 1 hour ago
Asif Adnan
Jazakallah, brother Musa.

We need Mujahideen in the land of the Nile. Clear & simple.
Mujahideen & Kalashnikovs.
Unlike · 2 · Reply · 13 minutes ago
Gabriel Cosnier
As salamu `alaykum,

The “salafiyyah” in Sinai has already pledged alliegence to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and published this morning a very promising communiqué, signing it “the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham”, meaning that the Sykes-Picot borders are no longer valid in the whole Sham area. If the commandment of the Islamic State responds positively to this pledge, and sends reinforcements (plus Libya, Sudan, and others) things might become very challenging for the forces of Disbelief in the region.
Unlike · 9 · Reply · 1 hour ago
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Lofty Mountain
It’s time for the ummah to learn from past mistakes. How could Algeria be forgotten? What about the election of Hamas in Palestine? Democracy is the product of man and verily man is prone to error. The only democracy acceptable to the tawagheet is one that brings a pro-american leader. As for Islam, democracy is NEVER acceptable. Our way is the bullet not the ballot. I pray that Egypt is the final straw for the ummah. Read the seerah and learn how the Prophet (sala Allahu 3laihi wa sallam) established an Islamic state in Madinah. Read about the likes of Khalid ibn Waleed (radhi Allahu 3nhu) and how the Islamic state was expanded throughout the world. We have a clear precedent so there should be no confusion. Join the caravan and give aid to all the mujahideen who fight to establish al-khilafah or die shaheed trying in sha Allah.

Rasul Allah (sala Allahu 3laihi wa sallam) said: “A believer does not allow himself to be stung twice from one (and the same) hole.” [Bukhari]
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