Mujahid’s fitness training

    Asalamu ‘Aleiykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

    Shaykh Yusuf al-‘Uyayr (may Allah have Mercy upon him) said:

    “Indeed, the physical fitness of the Mujahid, his ability to run long distances, carry heavy loads and exert a lot of bodily effort for extended periods of time is the primary factor that determines his usefulness on the battlefield. A Mujahid can be skilled in the use of weapons, but due to his lack of physical fitness, he is unable to determine the proper position to fire his weapon from, or to scale a wall in order to find a better position to shoot from, etc. This can all happen due to a lack of physical fitness, and the Mujahid that has the luxury of a high level physical fitness is able to carry out all of the tasks required of him in the best manner possible, even if he is not an expert in the use of weapons. This is because he is able to maneuver and position himself in the best manner to shoot, and he is able to do all of this in the quickest and lightest manner possible, as tiredness and fatigue do not overtake him and occupy his thoughts and affect his speed. Because of this, we can conclude that physical fitness is an essential asset to the Mujahid, especially in the case of street-fighting.”
    And in our times in which we live today, we see that all of the Jihads in the world today take place in the form of guerilla warfare and street-fighting. And this requires a high level of physical fitness, so do not be my brother a burden on other than you, and start from now to acquire this required level of physical fitness.

    Do not belittle the issue of physical fitness my brother and know that the reward for it is great if it is sought with a sincere intention, and you intend with it to prepare yourself for Jihad in the Path of Allah, and the strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, and from strength is physical and bodily strength.
    The Shaykh, the Mujahid Ysuf al-‘Uyayr says: “The level of physical fitness that is required of the Mujahid consists of him being able to do the following:

    Jog for 10 kilometers (about 6.2 miles) without stopping, and this should take him no more than 70 minutes in the worst of cases
    Run a distance of 3 kilometers (roughly 2 miles) in about 13.5 minutes
    Run for a distance of 100 meters with only 12-15 seconds of rest
    Walk a long distance without stopping once for at least 10 hours
    Carry a load of 20 kilograms (around 44 pounds) for at least 4 hours straight
    Perform at least 70 pushups in one shot without stopping (one can start by performing 10 pushups at once, then increasing the number by 3 everyday until eventually reaching 70)
    Perform 100 situps in one shot without stopping (one can start by performing 10 situps at once, then increasing the number by 3 everyday until eventually reaching 70)
    Crawl using his arms for a distance of 50 meters in 70 seconds at most
    Perform the Fartlik run (an exercise that combines walking, speedwalking, jogging and running, and it is as follows: the Mujahid begins by walking normally for 2 minutes, then he walks quickly for 2 minutes, then he jogs for 2 minutes, then he runs for 2 minutes, then he runs fast for a distance of 100 meters, then he returns to walking, and so on and so forth until he does this 10 times non-stop) And normal walking differs from quick walking, which differs from jogging, which differs from running. Normal walking is known to all, while quick walking is that one walks at a greater speed while making sure not to raise his feet from the ground for a greater amount of time than he would while walking normally. As for jogging, then this is that one covers a distance of 1 kilometer (roughly 0.6 miles) in less than 5.5 minutes. As for running, then it is that one covers a distance of 1 kilometer in less than 4.5 minutes.

    This level of physical fitness can be achieved by the Mujahid in one month if he exerts great effort, with the condition that he advances gradually and does not damage his muscles or expose them to tearing. For example, if one begins at the start of the month by jogging for 15 minutes, and increased this time by 2 minutes every day, then this would mean that in a month’s time, he would be able to jog for an entire hour without stopping (assuming that the number of days in the month in which he exercises would be 20 if the exercise program was 5 days a week). Likewise, if he begins with 10 pushups at the start of the month and increases the number by 3 everyday, then this means that he would be able to perform 70 pushups nonstop in the space of one month. So, advancing gradually and continuously has a great effect on one’s fitness level. Also, during one’s physical program, there must be some strength training included to strengthen and tone one’s muscles, and the Mujahid must concentrate specifically on those types of weight training that can be performed without heavy exercise equipment, so that he can continue his physical program in any location. Exercise equipment has the effect of making one’s body inactive if he is away from them for a long period of time. The best type of exercises are those that can be performed easily and rely on the body’s own strength.”


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