Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al Adnani Al Shami

Al Furqan releases Sh. Abu Muhamamd Al Adnani Al Shami’s statement entitled “Peacefulness is Whose Religion?” – Here r sum key points. (pt1) Al Adnani’ statement is directed at “All Sunnis but those primarily in Egypt, Inciting them to fight for the sake of ALLAH” (pt2) Adnani cites the “Arab Spring, where the ppl went out for freedom and dignity”-but the armies attacked ppl who only cameout w/bare chests(pt3) Adnani: “know that our problem is not the ruling govts, But the polytheistic man-made laws. Their is no different between the rulers if we..(pt4) Dnt change the laws. Their is no difference between Mubarak, Mu’ammer, and Bin Ali with Mursi, Abdel-jalil, and Al Ghanoushi, they are.. (pt5) ..All tyrants ruling by the same laws, even if the previous were a harsher fitna”. Adnani making clear the view of the MB! (pt6) Sh. AD: “Their calls of ‘peacefulness’ are going to the recycling bin of History… they dont give rights and prevent wrongdoing” (pt7) Sh. AD makes it clear that fighting for the sake of ALLAH (swt) is the only way and that those who call Only for protests and elections.. (prt 8) ..came w/something new which is not the actions of the Salaf (predecessors).He asks the rhetorical Quest “Peacefulness is whose religion”(pt8) Making a point with many Hadiths/Ayat that fighting and not ‘peaceful protests’ or ‘elections’ is the only way to establish an Islamic state(pt9) SH. AD: He calls on the necessity of making takfeer of the Armies of Taghout, primarily the army of Egypt (b4 and After), As well as (pt10) the armies of Tunisia nd Libya. He states that they are the protectors of Secularism and the tyrants and man-made laws, claiming this is(pt11) clear in the Sharia And NOT extremism or extreme takfeer, but clear in the sharia. He claims the Egyptian Army is not there only to fight(pt11) The religion of ALLAH (swt) and the Sharia, nd 2 protect the coptics and Israel. An Army which burns down the mosques and the Quran (pt12) He asks “will any knowledgeable person claim, you can-not fight this Army?Even if he still views them as a Muslim army”! Quotes Ibn Taymiya(pt13) He quotes Ibn Taymiya who made takfeer of the Tartars, because they ruled by man-made laws, Ibn taymiya said of those who joined the (pt14) armies of the tartars, “the ruling on them (the soldiers of the tartar) is the ruling of the Tartars”. He asks “how can the Salaf make(pt15) ..Takfeer of the preventors of Zakah.. but not those who joined the enemies in Fighting Muslims?”. BIG ONES – on the ‘reality of the MB'(pt16) Sh. AD, states that the Conflict in egypt is not one of the MB vs. the secularists but the monotheists/ Mujahideen against the seculars (pt17) He states: MB are a secular party with only an Islamic cover. At times the worst, a “party which worships seats(in power) and the parliaments (pt18) SH. AD:”they will die striving for the sake of Democracy and will not do so 4 the sake of ALLAH” – Quotes MB leader in egypt protests, who (pt18) stated, “Dont Go back, die 4 the sake of democracy”. He states that if they could kneel to satan for power in government, they would do so! (pt19) Sh. AD: claims the MB changes based on its circumstances. Lashes at MB and Nur party (whom he calls the party of darkness), for agreeing to (pt20) Man made laws stating,”that the right to rule and make laws is for the People (not ALLAH), and we represent the people in people/shura council”(pt21) Mocks MB/Nur claims that by such means ‘they will bring sharia’, and claiming they can-not implement sharia now and will delay it! (pt22) Lashes them 4 allowing riba (interest-dealings), Alcohol, and un-covered women. Asks MB: did your giving in to them prevent them from you? Advice: 1) Give up “peaceful calls” in Iraq and Egypt 2) Wage Jihad 3) Calls on Army members to make repentance and defect 4) Calls on MB and other hizb (al Nur) to repent and give up on ‘religion of democracy’ Advice to syrian fighters: “make good intentions… .. And beware of unclear banners,as not every fighter is a Mujahid and not everyone killed is a Martyr.Their is no difference between one who…..fight under a green, red, or black banner. As their is no difference between an Old or a new army if the actions and intentions are not pure…Dont make your uprising, for the sake of removing a leader or removing a regime, but make it implementing the sharia not under a false banner, Quotes prophet saying “whoever dies for Assabiya (nationalism, tribalism, etc) dies a death of Ignorance”…”


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