Rise o! Scholars of This Ummah


So the scholars – if they wake up – will in turn wake the people up, and if they remain in slumber, then the people will likewise remain in slumber.
And the Ummah did not remain firm in the past when it was attacked by the Crusaders and the Tartars except because of the Scholars and men that leaped forth to the Jihad and gathered under the banner of Jihad.
So, this is Shaykh ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah, inciting the people to fight, standing at the side of the Muslim Army in front of the Tartars, keeping the Ummah firm with his famous statement:”By Allah, you will be victorious! So, they said to him:”Say in sha-Allah! “He replied:I say in sha-Allah out of confirmation, not as a wishful comment. ” Likewise Ibn Qudama stood by Salah ud-Din al-Ayyubi during his battles, etc…


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