Act Gently With the Women

Descendants of the Sahaba أحفاد الصحابة


From the fruits of Jihād – A balanced view
Eight: Act Gently With the Women

[Author: Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī]

Anyone who knows the criminal reality of disbelief today with the indecency and degeneracy of the disbelievers of our time, and who is concerned with preserving the honour of Muslim women, will not rush to involve Muslim women unnecessarily in acts of fighting, Jihād, organization, or other such tasks that may be performed by the men.

Despite being non-Muslims, the disbelievers of the past were known to have a sense of honour and chivalry; when the lowest of Allāh’s creatures rushed to the house of Prophet Lūt (peace be upon him) out of desire for his guests, Prophet Lūt said to them,{“O my people! Here are my daughters, they are purer for you”}, [Hūd:78] they replied, {“Surely you know that we have no right to your daughters!”} [Hūd: 79] So…

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