Double-Edged Sword

We have Ulema locked up in the dungeons of Saudi such as Sheikh Sulayman al Alwan, Sheikh Nasr al Fahd for speaking about the Hakimiyyah of Allah and supporting those Muslims who are giving their souls for this deen; yet when Allah is insulted openly in broad daylight – as in the worthless story “al-Karadeeb” written by the Saudi Zindeeq, Turki al-Hamd, in which he said: “So Allah and the Shaytan are two faces of a single invention”!! – he is left without any objection or account, free to roam throughout the land of ‘Tahweed’ as he wishes… and indeed, his books and stories full of Kufr and heresy are allowed to be printed by the Saudi state with complete freedom!!

Yet you will still have some Muslims who will turn a blind eye to this, because Al Saud have printed thousands of masahif, and have taken good care of the Haramayn

Such shallow thinking is no different to those who are amazed by the charities who go to poor Muslim countries and provide aid, food, clothing, shelter to the poor, but at the same time they say ‘Jesus loves you. You will attain salvation through him…’ – please try to see the bigger picture.


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