Which Side Will I Take!?

As to what the future holds for the world, then this is a question upon which the intelligent ones must ponder… The Muslims in the Western countries must know that the spotlight is upon them. The youth of the West must not let this glorious opportunity for Jihad pass them by. They must attack the West in its own backyard. Operations such as these are highly devastating to the West and will greatly accelerate the victory of the Ummah. These attacks will keep the Crusaders busy in their own homelands and will turn their populations against their leaders; they will eventually force them to withdraw their forces from the Muslim countries. This is only natural because most of the public does not really understand why their Governments are occupying other peoples’ lands and killing their women and children. But their leaders have their hidden agendas. However, operations such as these will force the people to question their Governments and all this will divert the Governments’ attention from their war elsewhere. The Mujahid brothers abroad should especially target those Crusader soldiers and politicians who have had their hands wet with Muslim blood. The quicker we do these attacks, the quicker the scale of this war will tilt inshAllah. However, these attacks will also mean that the Muslim minorities in the Western countries would have to face stiff opposition. They will not be allowed to stay and will be persecuted. Indeed, their situation is already precarious because they live in Dar-ul-Harb (a land of a people at war with Islam). The Muslim cannot reside in Dar-ul-Harb anyway and there are detailed legislations pertaining to this as laid out by the Scholars. There remains only one way out for them if they wish to save their faith. Either they wage Jihad in their countries or they do Hijrah and migrate to one of the Muslim lands, and subsequently to the Jihadi battlefields.. A Muslim’s most precious entity is his faith… and everything in this fleeting life can be sacrificed for preserving a faith that is the only way to salvation in the next life…
Secondly a world conflict or an entire world war with the Crusaders/Zionists is inevitable-as it is going on now. A world polarization has been going on since 9/11. The Muslims are being separated from the Hypocrites and the Kuffar. On one side, there are the Mujaahideen who have united under the banner of Shariah and on the other side are the Crusader-Zionists and their allies from among the Muslims (the Hypocrites and apostates). This separation is going on by the minute and it will continue until the last sign of the hour emerge. As the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:
” When the people are separated (into two camps), a camp of the believers with no Nifaaq (hypocrisy) and a camp of hypocrites with no Iman (faith)-and when these two camps meet (i.e. When the believers and the hypocrites are deciphered), then wait for Dajjal to arrive-that day or the next (any day).” (Abu Dawud)
The world is heading straight towards this penultimate separation which will culminate into the final battle between Kufr and Islam that has been foretold to us. And Allah Knows Best…so the most significant question amidst all these is one that every person in the world must find an answer to:


We ask Allah to aid the Muslims…Peace be upon those who follow the Guidance.


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