Destroying the Headquarters of the Second Region in Hadramaut

English Translation of the Statement of Qaedat Al-Jihad Organization in the Arabian Peninsula
Entitled: Statement regarding the storming and destroying of the headquarters of the Second region in Hadramout
In the recent years and under the American hegemony on Yemen several military headquarters of the army were turned to intelligence rooms and joint administration for directing the war against the mujahidin and running the unmanned drones.
Therefore the mujahidin sent a severe blow to one of these headquarters which is an operations room present under the administration of the Second Military Region in the Khalaf area on the coast of Mukalla city in Hadramout, and according to the information provided with mujahidin this room is assigned to the missions of maritime surveillance, communications and jamming and matters related to combating what they call “terrorism”, and advanced devices have been provided to it through the American and German intelligence connected to the satellites.
On Monday morning 1242/11/42 A.H. corresponding 4314/9/43 two groups of the mujahidin advanced to the headquarters of the Second Military Region, the attack began with the first group advancing disguised in military outfit with a car mined with explosives until they reached the headquarters Second Military Region, and after clashing with the checkpoint then reaching to the gates and eliminating the guards consisting of ten soldiers, the mujahidin kept the car bomb at the gate then they continued their way to inside the building of the headquarters of the Second Military Region and eliminated all the officers present in all the floors of the building – except for four who fled in the beginning of the battle -.
The battle continued for three days where the mujahidin controlled the whole headquarters building, and repelled two campaigns of the elite forces, and inflected in them dead by blowing up the car bomb against them at the gate.
The operation led to the complete destruction of the command room, and destruction of the ammunition stores and modern vehicles surrounding the building, and the numbers of dead officers are estimated by dozens, especially the operation was on the day of an administrative meeting that gathered officers of the Eastern region, Alhamdulillah. While one of the brothers from the assaulting group was killed – may Allah accept it and have mercy over him and raise him in the levels of the martyrs -.
As for the second group it advanced from the beginning of the operation to the camp of the Central Security present in the surroundings of the military region and fired several shells on the headquarters which led to injures among the forces of the Central Security, also an IED was detonated against them while they were exiting the camp, which led to the isolation of the Central Security camp and preventing it from interfering to impede the mission of the first group.
And the Yemeni government concealed the results of the operation, and didn’t declare the number of dead or their military ranks, or type of the intended target, to hide from the world the humiliating defeat and its total inability to protect this important headquarters.
In conclusion we say:
Firstly: These joint security forces or that participates with the Americans in their war against this Muslim people is a legitimate target for operations anywhere, and we will gouge out the eyes used by the enemies, and Allah is our supporter and assister and we rely on Him.
Secondly: To the officers of the Yemeni army and security, stop the agent Abd Rabbuh Mansur who is dragging you and dragging the country to the furnace of a war which you pay its price on behalf of the Americans, and war begets war, and Abd Rabbuh isn’t able to protect you, so do not give your souls in a proxy war, where you lose your religion and Dunya.
Thirdly: To our Muslim brothers everywhere: we will continue our jihad Allah willing until the religion is established and the Sharia is ruled, and justice prevails, and Shura spreads, and Allah is capable of that.
وآخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين.
Qaedat Al-Jihad Organization in the Arabian Peninsula
(Al-Fajr Media Center)


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