ISIS denies making Takfir on the leaders of Mujahideen

Statement From The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant on the sayings of the deceivers. 

In the name of God, the Beneficent the Merciful,

All praise is due to God, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessing upon the Imam of the Mujahideen, our prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions. To proceed:

The Islamic State has been slandered with the accusation that it has put takfeer on the Taliban, the Emir of the Jihad Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Sheikh Osama bin Laden. These sensationalist allegations were based on recorded audio message from one of the brothers in one of the provinces in Syria, who are linked with different groups.

Putting out trust in God, we say: We seek innocence from God from every abusive statement in contradiction to the Manhaj of the people of the Sunna, which is the known Manhaj of the Islamic State. It is also Manhaj that governs all of our Emirs. We therefore say to the enemies of the Jihad: We do not rejoice in distorting our Manhaj, for it is clearer than the sun at midday, and purer than the roil mentioned, which we shall document from, by the will of God. It is proven that a Mujahid in The Islamic State took them away; a lesson to others by the will of God.  There would be no good in it for us if we had not done this.

False rumors have also been spread to distort the image of The Islamic State, primarily in circumstances surrounding the killing of Abu Khaled al-Suri, and the attributing of this to The Islamic State with no evidence, only that we are in a heated war with the Islamic Front and all their elements on the ground after they became party to fighting the Islamic State; a treacherous conspiracy in which the efforts of the Muhajireen of the Islamic State were hindered. Amongst them was Sheikh Mujahid Abu Bakr al-Iraqi, killed at the hands of the Islamic Front itself. We did not order the killing of Abu Khaled al-Suri and would not have.  In fact, we are completely sundered by what happened in Aleppo. With that being said, The Islamic State is constantly being accused of what had occurred there.

We assure all that the decisions of the Islamic State are only issued by the Emir of the Believers, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and then from the Shura Committee. Individuals or soldiers do not issue them. The members of the Shura Committee are from the previous Mujahideen who went through trials and tribulations along with Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. These members have shone the spotlight on The Islamic State, and shown the group’s virtues when in al-Qaeda; others in official speeches by the Emir of the Believers, or have been spokespeople for The Islamic State.  Whosoever does not thank the people, does not thank God. Had it not been for God, and then, the people before us, we would not have reached Iraq and the Levant. We and the rest of the Muslims therefore use the example of the people before us. However, if we attribute it to individuals within The Islamic State, this would be contrary to the teachings of those before us. If such things are proven, it will be referred to the Sharia court in the Islamic State, and they will be held accountable as required by the Sharia.

And God is Great.

And might belongs to Allah and His Messenger and the believers, but the hypocrites know not.

We ask God to guide us and make us stand firm.


3 thoughts on “ISIS denies making Takfir on the leaders of Mujahideen

  1. The ISIS leader who spoke in the audio tape mentioned: “The reason for not pronouncing (the Taliban/Shaykh Usamah) as kuffar is because of benefits and harms… If it opens a bigger door of harm, it is the matter of harm and benefits, I could see it as our interest not to make out Takfeer upon the Taliban clear…” (Refer to

    If they themselves say that they don’t want to make this Takfeer public, they will quite natural that they will release statements claiming their innocence.
    Also,the speaker himself confirmed that it was him on twitter, and says it was a hypothetical debate…

    1. AsaLamualaikum warahmatulah, I don’t see any reason for them to hold this type of opinion about venerated personalities and group, the refusal to make takfeer based on Maslaha, is clearly playing Nifaaq on their side and they shouldn’t be doing this, because it will destroy their reputation and mislead men from Allah’s Path, wa Allahul Musta’an.

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