Ibn Mubarak (rahimahuLlah)

Ibn al-
Mubarak’s letter to Fudayl ibn Iyad:
“O Worshiper of the Two Holy Mosques!
Had you witnessed us in the battlefield
You would have known that, compared to our Jihad,
Your worship is child’s play.
For every tear you have shed upon your cheek,
We have shed in its place, blood upon our chests.
You are playing with your worship,
While worshipers offer your worship
Mujahideen offer their blood and person (life).”
Ibn Abi Sukaynah said, ‘So I met al-Fudhayl in the
Haram (Makkah) with the letter and when he read it,
tears came to his eyes and he said, ‘Indeed, Abu
Abdur-Rahman (Ibn al-Mubarak) has told the truth and
he has certainly advised (me).
Source: The Life of Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak


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