Scenes from Syria: Siege of Nawa broken

I love this. JazakaLlahu khairan

Sabran Ya Nafsi

Nawa is a large town in the Dar’a district of Syria. It is the same town where the famous Shafi scholar, Imam Nawawi, came from.

For the past ten months, Nawa was besieges by the Assad regime. The siege made it difficult for the citizens of the town to receive basic supplies, such as food and medicine. Earlier this week, the Jabhat An Nussrah sent in detachments of fighters to free the town. After a long and difficult battle, Allah granted the Mujahideen victory and they liberated Nawa.

Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.

View of an area of Nawa


Mujahideen advance on the battlefield


The battle ends with many murderes of the Assad regime dead or injured


The people of Nawa come out to welcome the Mujahideen. Men, women and children celebrate as the long and difficult siege finally come to an end



The Mujahideen send in truckloads of sheep…

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