Summary of Shaykh Muhaysini’s Speech


-Many sad events passed that included the unjust killing of Mujahideen that led up to the Fitnah.

-The Fitnah was sparked in Atareb when ISIS entered the city to arrest a man. The people refused to hand him over and requested the he should be brought forward to a Shariah court. ISIS kidnapped him and his body was found dumped.

-This sparked outrage and fighting began in Atareb where many brigades including JAN are present, resulted in 10 JaN members killed.

-ISIS convoy was on the way to help ISIS in Atareb and had to pass through a checkpoint run by Nour-e-dinn Zinky brigade which was close to ISIS. They refused to allow ISIS or any other group to enter the city in a bid to stop the Fitnah and not be part of it. ISIS tried to force itself in which led to fighting between the two groups.

-All brigades which were oppressed by ISIS previously used this opportunity to retaliate. Fitnah spread all over Syria and fighting escalated in all parts.

-Sh Muhaisny started “Ummah initiative” to stop the Fitnah. He approached ISIS first and they agreed to stop the fighting under Shariah court.

-After all brigades accepted the initiative, Sh Muhaisny was surprised by ISIS refusing to be part of it.

-ISIS placed conditions to accept the initiative which are not part of the Quran and Sunnah. Goes against Quran “the saying of the believers if they were called to Allah and his messenger to be judged between eachother that they say we hear and obey, they are indeed the successful” so what is the matter that our brothers dont say we hear and obey?

-So i told them to give me an alternative to judge between the brigades on the premises of Shariah and also said that the other brigades ask “how can we be brought forward under their courts for judgement? Will they accept to come to ours?”

-After ISIS refused the initiative, I suggested famous Ulama to be the Judges in the Shariah court between the brigades, such as Shaykh Sulayman Al-Alwan or Shaykh Ibrahim Al-Rabeesh or others, But they refused. So i offered that the judge be from the students of knowledge in Bilad al-Sham who have come from Khorasan. And they refused.

-The issue is not as people say “a war on an Islamic state”ISIS”” and if it was the case, then the war would have been against Jabhat Al-Nusrah which is Alqaeda as well, who is known to be an enemy to the whole world initiated by Sheikh Osama bin Laden.

-Nor is the hatred of the people against ISIS an indication that they are on the true Manhaj. If that was the case then the Ikhwan in Egypt would have been the closes people to the Haqq, and Qaddafi would have been oppressed not an oppressor.

-Thus, the hatred of people towards ISIS was due to many oppressions comitted against the people, and I have witnessed this with my own eyes, Allah is a witness.

-Lies were spread that Muhajireen women were imprisoned and raped by opposing groups. Sh Muhaisny attended the opposing groups HQs and prisons to find that it was a lie.

-I have seen many jailed with ISIS without a reason, and many killed unjustly through mere speculations.

-ISIS used methods of blowing up cars in opposing groups HQs which in a few instances resulted in children or civilians killed. When he told them to fear Allah in killing one innocent soul, they replied if 20 died now we save 200 others from being killed tommorow.

-And we dont deny oppressions by FSA and others, but ISIS claims to be an Islamic state, on what basis does an Islamic state do this?

-When things got messy and one end started calling the other Sahawat and the other says Khawarij. I had no choice but to start the Ummah initiative to judge by the Shariah of Allah between them. It was supported by major Ulama such as Sh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, Abu Qatada Alfelisteeni, Eyad Qunaibi and others.

-When ISIS brought out a statement refusing the initiative and refused to call the fighting a “Fitnah”, I asked the second in charge in ISIS “Are fighters from Zinky and other groups apostates?” He replied “Wallah we have no confirmation that they are apostates and if we did we would have announced it”…so i was surprised by Al-Adnani labelling them Sahawat. This shows no clear communication and agreement amongst ISIS.

Know my dear Mujahid brother:

-I ask you to read my words clearly. And I know after this release I will be labelled a traitor or even an apostate.

-There will come to you people who do not want you to be effected by my words and they will try to cast doubt aBout me. They have doe this before to our great Jihad Ulama such as Sh Sulayman Al-Alwan, Sh Muhamad Almaqdisi, Sh Abu Qatada and even the wise man of this Ummah Sh Ayman.

-I ask you by Allah, why is it everytime someone tries to advise the dawla, they are accused and slanderong? Why do ISIS supporters always say “this is a alim who is away from the battlefield” or “he is in prison, he receives wrong information” and in the end no one is safe except those who speak good of the dawla.

– Wallahi i have never seen the ulama of Jihad unite against an islamic initiative the same way they have done against ISIS in Ash-Shaam. This is out of wisdom.

-Know that i am not against the re-emergence of the islamic Khilafah, rather for its sake we sacrifice, but upon the method of prophethood. Not by scaring people away and oppressing them and destroying the ranks of jihad and refusing the initiative to be ruled by shariah.

-After all i have said in This staement I ask sh Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi to accept the independant rule of an islamic court which is supported by all jihad ulama.

-I stand by the stannce of all Jihadi Ulamah and ask Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi to take a sincere stance that will stop the bloodshed of Muslims, and that is for ISIS to return to Iraq and stay there and fight the Rawafidh and America. And for Jabhat Al-Nusrah to stay in Bilad al Sham who is seeking to restore the Khilafah. Who is loved by all people.

-I ask you o supporter of jihad, to join the ranks of the initiative of the Ummah and be part of the clear goal of establishing the Khilafah along side the majority of people in Al Shaam, in love of khilafah not theough hating it under force.

-As sh Ayman Al-Zawahiri said “we have not come to rule over Alsham, rather to establish the rule of islam there”


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