Shaykh AtiyyatuLlah al-Libi رحمه الله تعالى

Sheikh Atiyyatullah al-Libi the former second in command of al-Qaaida said that the Takfir upon most of the rulers today is a Takfir Nadari and not something known in the religion by necessity.
[Muqatatafaat min Liqaai Sheikh Ma’a Muntadi al-Hasaba]

Note: In the case of rulings which are Nadari, there is room for difference of opinion and one cannot cast everyone who disagrees with him as a deviant as long as he has the correct Usul.
As for Qata’i rulings known by necessity, there is no room for difference.

And this is a refutation to Adnani who said al-Qaaida deviated, rather al-Qaaida was upon what it is upon today even from the days of Sheikh Atiyyatullah al-Libi. al-Qaaida never was the extremist group which Adnani thought it was.


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