They came from every country and place
Hoping to finish first in this race
The ultimate race, but only few prepare
While others prefer not to worry or care
For their sisters being raped by a filthy animal
Or their father being killed by a ruthless infidel
They don’t mind when their brothers get tortured and maimed
It’s OK when our ummah is humiliated and shamed
But in every era and every land
A select few stand tall with Quran in hand
Fearless lions because they follow Allah’s decree
So Allah placed fear in the hearts of their enemy
They sold their souls and wealth to the Most High
So in green birds their souls can fly
Under the throne of Allah in tranquility they rest
Drinking from rivers of jannah and eating fruits of the very best
Gardens, castles and wide-eyed maidens await
Men who were not afraid to meet their fate
Amongst the righteous, martyrs, faithful and prophets they rest
Such a status only for those who pass the test
These are the ghurabaa of our time
Strangers amongst even their own kind
Plucked out from ever tribe and place
Harmed not are they by any country or race
Those who oppose them and those who forsake them
Have never been an issue, obstacle or problem
Their reliance is upon Allah alone
For this deen, the earth they are prepared to roam
To raise high the banner of tawheed
Higher than any system, law or creed
Ignoring boarders drawn up by Sykes and Picot
Two tyrants of this era for the Muslims who do not know
Passports cancelled; wanted by every government
Nothing deters them to strive for the world’s betterment
In a world filled with man-made constitutions
They know that there is really only one solution
To fight as long as there is a Muslim calling
A power like this, there is no chance of defeating
Allah’s promise that we believe in absoloutely
And for this, we leave behind the dunya and its beauty
Free from the shackles of imperialistic slavery
We stand with our heads high, hearts filled with bravery
“Laa Hawla wa laa quwata illa billah” is our motto
No power belongs to anyone but Allah, so only He we follow
From Africa, Arabia, Asia and Europe they came
To fulfill the promise of Allah so Islam can reign
O Allah! Accept our Hijrah and jihad
And give us your promised victory in every land
Abu Sulayman Al-Muhajir


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