IS’s Ghuloo


As a continuation to my article on Shami( ), I would shed some light on why I stopped supported Dawlah much before. The key point was when  Dawlah’s soldiers themselves told me about their beliefs some of whom are.

-> Anyone who does’nt make takfir of Mursi is a kaffir himself.(Chain Takfir)
-> Ayman al Zawahiri is also a kaffir because he did’nt consider Mursi one.
-> This makes people like Abdullah Azzam(rh) also kuffar.

Now, one might say that these were the views of *some* within Dawlah but I realized soon enough that it was’nt the case. Later on, it was proven that

->IS made takfir of leaders of JabhatulIslamiyah officially.
->Amir of JayshulMuhajirin wal Ansar testified that they make takfir of JabhatalNusrah and JabhatulIslamiyah.

Another major reason as to why IS is not among the righteous group is that.

-> People who have spent their entire lives in Jihad, who were companions of men like Abdullah Azzam(rh), Osama bin Laden(rh) and others have testified against it. Among whom are Abu Firas al Suri, Abu Hammam al Suri, Abu Khalid al Suri, Abu Dujana al Pasha and others. IS on the contrary have few or almost none such figures. Which makes us wonder WHY ?

-> They have almost no support from Rigtheous Ulema(not the palace ones).

I ask youth of today who support Dawlah, how do you think you know more than Ulema and people who have been Jihad for more than your age and are far more trustworthier.

Furthermore, I say that the issue is not only about Dawlah, it is of Ghuloo and the issue of Ghuloo is not something related to an organization or some time. Its like a disease that has persisted not only among this Ummah but the previous ones.

All IS has done is that it has gathered Ghulaat everywhere behind it.

Consider for example

-> In West, deviants like Abdullah al Faisal, Muhajiroon immediately supported Dawlah.
-> In Algeria, the remanants of GIA came to their support.

and so on. And Allah(swt) has his own plan. Also Allah(swt) does’nt accept anything except pure. May be before the responsiblity of making the Ummah victorious, its necessary that ranks of Mujahidin be cleansed of Ghuloo and deviant beliefs. This Ghuloo was present among those who  used to ascribe themselves to the Salafi Jihadi movement even though the leadership of Alqaeda like Atiyyah al Libi(rh), Abu Yahya(rh) and others were Far from it. It might still be present outside IS but most of it has come under the banner of IS.

Today, the calamity that has struck the Jihadi movement was something that was brewing for a lot of time. It was these ideas that were already present from before. The ideas that I am talking about are ones such as.

-> Making unconditional takfir of anyone associated with Democracy. Even if they are voters of an islamic party or people like Jamat e islami in Pakistan .

-> Making chain takfir of anyone who does’nt consider such a voter/party a kaffir. Much like making takfir of Sh Abdullah Azzam(rh) or Atiya al Libi who did not make takfir of people who go to the parliament to bring Shariah.

-> Making Chain Takfir of anyone who they claim has “sat” with the Kuffar. This means for example if JabhatalSuwar al Suriya took the aid of  kuffar and JabhatulIslamiyah fought alongside JabhatulSuwar al Suriya against Bashar then both are kuffar. Not only that, if JabhatalNUsrah , JundulAqsa or others fight alongside JabhatulIslamiyah against Bashar, they all are Kuffar.

-> Slandering of Scholars.

-> Declaring or always trying to declare Khilafah without the majority of Ahl ul Hal wal Aqd. Using it to separate from Ummah and then fighting or making takfir of whosoever is not from amongst them. And this we find a common thing from among what GIA did, Jamat ul Takfir wal Hijra in  Egypt did or JamatulMuslimeen in Pakistan did among others.

Add to this the fact, that not only Takfiri ideology is at work in case of IS but also lying, breaking of covenants, harboring Criminal, torture etc and other crimes. An example of lying is when Adnani said that they never referred anything to Zawahiri and then Sh Abdul Aziz al Qatari(rh) gave his testimony against it. I have no reason to doubt Qatari’s(rh) testimony as he has been for 3 decades in Jihad. Breaking of covenants too has been documented numerous time. Torture like one done to Abu Rayyan(rh) and then the video of torture of JN’s prisoners emerged.

Today IS has set its sights on eliminating other Mujahidin in Syria and is on offensive in Halab, Daraa and elsewhere. We ask Allah(swt) to  defeat them and I don’t think that they will stop here. Brothers who still harbor sympathy towards them should know that they probably won’t stop and keep fighting the Mujahidin not only in Syria but elsewhere and that this issue does’nt look like fading away soon.

NOTE:: My views against Ghuloo  does’nt mean that I support Marouf’s gangs or support of West against IS or for that matter the Shias or PKK. Nor do I support injustice done against them. I also think that one should keep Maslahah of Islam in mind while dealing with them just like Mujahidin had offered truce to IS but if they are bent upon aggression then Mujahidin have the right to defend themselves.

I will leave you guys with few useful quotes..

“If you see someone declaring a khilafah without consulting Muslims then either he is khariji or someone claiming to be Mahdi”

“If you see someone complicating Tawhid too much then he is either a khariji or a Mu’tazali.”

“If you see someone slandering scholars and cutting off from them then he is likely a khariji and if you see someone elevating few too high and  accepting everything from them then he is likely a Madkhali”.



Islamic Emirate’s Response regarding CIA’s barbaric torture regime

Islamic Emirate’s response regarding the revelations of CIA’s barbaric torture regime (guest blog)

Dilawar, taxi driver, tortured to death by army interrogators, Bagram, Afghanistan (Died 10th December 2002)

Detailed in documentary Taxi to the Dark Side (Alex Gibney, 2007)

Chained to ceiling for 4 days, brutally beaten, leg was pummeled so badly that the “tissue was falling apart and had basically been pulpified”


 Islamic Emirate guest blog

“Since the inception of America’s occupation of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate has provided information to the international community regarding America’s barbarities and inhumane treatment of the Afghan populace. At the time, no nation dared listen to our nation’s pleas or show even slight response for fear of estranging America.

Now after 14 years of such barbarities, the US Senate itself has lifted the curtain off of America’s intelligence arm, the CIA, and revealed the extent of their tortuous treatment of unarmed prisoners. In reality the practices of CIA mentioned in this report are only a fraction of those committed by this agency throughout America’s occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is hoped that the full Senate report, consisting of some 6,000 pages and fully detailing these crimes, is released to the public for passing judgment. It is hoped that the full report will provide a clearer picture of the extent of these crimes.

The Islamic Emirate also fully condemns the intelligence policies initiated under the regime of George Bush and been carried out to this day. We consider this publicly admitted document outlining the America’s human rights violations as a clear mirror of their policies throughout the past so decades. Unfortunately America’s intelligence violations continue unabated to this day. Even today America and its intelligence arms continue to operate black prisons throughout their main centers in Afghanistan. These operatives continue to violate the basic rights of ordinary citizens, they carry out night raids on civilian homes, women and children are regularly held without charges, subject them to degrading treatment, carry out indiscriminate bombings, and subject ordinary Afghans to all forms of inhumane treatment.

America’s policies are not limited to the above. In addition they have planted chosen individuals inside Afghanistan’s intelligence agencies as well as the local police and warlords and use these individuals to commit unspoken barbarities including kidnappings, rape and torture. These crimes are committed throughout Afghanistan especially Kandahar where they have been witnesses by hundreds of eye witnesses. Similarly American installed officials in Kabul regime arrest hundreds of innocent civilians and subject them to tortuous conditions to extract confessions.

We call on the international community as well as those international organizations that call themselves champions of human rights, to examine America’s ongoing policy in light of these human rights standards. These human rights abuses, especially violations of international humanitarian laws, continue to be committed by American installed agents in the Kabul regime. If these human rights organizations fail to stop these abuses and then several years later claim to reveal such abuses, it is a sign of their failure and incompetent. Their failure to address such blatant violations implies that these organizations are concerned less with addressing human rights violations and more with promoting hidden agendas.”


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

19/02/1436 Hijri Lunar

02/09/1393 Hijri Solar                    11/12/2014 Gregorian



CIA Torture Report

“When torture kills, ten murders in US prisons in Afghanistan”

“Detainees were also murdered at Bagram”


Carol Anne Grayson is an independent writer/researcher on global health/human rights/WOT and is Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated, Incident in New Baghdad . She is a Registered Mental Nurse with a Masters in Gender Culture and Development. Carol was awarded the ESRC, Michael Young Prize for Research 2009, and the COTT ‘Action = Life’ Human Rights Award’ for “upholding truth and justice”. She is also a survivor of US “collateral damage”.