Discussion with Sheikh Abu Baseer At Tartousi

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In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
Discussion with Sheikh Abu Baseer At Tartousi

(Response to the Fatwa of Sheikh Abu Baseer prohibiting joining Jabhatun Nusrah)

All praise be to Allah the Lord of all that exists. And the best of prayers and most complete peace be upon our chief Muhammad and his family and his companions all of them. After that,
It causes us pain us that the one who yesterday called for “Supporting the people of Tawheed” is today issuing a fatawa and advising that “it is prohibited to join a part of the people of Tawheed” in their Jihad against the Nusayri taghout. We always used to be patient when the Sheikh used to slander us even though he slandered us to the point where he described us to be creation of the intelligence agencies. We ignore those matters that are related to…

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