Story Of How AQ members Was Imprisoned In Iran

Story of how Al-Qaeda members was imprisoned in Iran1. The report of the release of the leader Sayf al Adl with four other leaders is confirmed and true. 
2. The mistake journalists and US intelligence service made was saying his real identit is ex Egyptian colonel Muhammad Ibrahim Makkawi.
3. Many jihadi media outlets made the same mistake, while the truth is Sayf al Adl’s personality is different from the ex Egyptian colonel.
4. And some wonder about the story (how Al-Qaeda was imprisoned in Iran) and how Iran managed to capture leaders of Al-Qaeda and why they released them recently.
5. The story of their imprisonment is as follows: After 9/11 US started a war campaign against Afghanistan and focused on the areas Arab Mujahideen(AQ) were located.
6. The campaign was brutal and US used all the weapons they had available from planes and various types of bombs in order to destroy AQ.
7. When US brought in B52 bomberplanes into the war and started throwing various types of bombs which are illegal.
8. After Usama Bin Laden saw this brutal campaign he decided to get the families consisting of women and children of the fighters to secure areas in Waziristan & Balucistan.
9. Usama bin Laden chose Waziristan in Pakistan & Balucistan in Iran because of the Sunni tribes in those areas known for their hospitality.
10. Usama bin Laden was strict on the security of the families and that is why he chose high leaders for this task and he(OBL) prioritized the security of women & children over the fighters.
11. After the families entered Balucistan in Iran and were welcomed by the tribes, US got a tip about high AQ leaders located there (in Iran).
12. US let Iran know about this. Iran started searching through Balucistan and imprisoned many, among them Mujahideen.
13. The brothers in Balucistan decided to move the families from the Balucistan area and into secure places inside big Iranian cities.
14. The free Sunni people in Iran arranged the secure houses inside the Iranian cities for the women & children (of the Arab Mujahideen).
15. The situation got worse and worse in Iran and the remaining Mujahideen & families wanted to move to Kurdistan in Iraq.
16. There was Jihadi groups in Kurdistan, most known Jamaat Ansar al Sunnah, which later changed name to Ansar al Islam.
17. The Mujahideen tried reaching Kurdistan and the majority of them succeded and among them was Abu Musab al Zarqawi, and others were captured.
18. Since the mujahideen & their families were captured by Iran, AQ have been doing all it can to have them released and not have them delivered to US.
19. One of the most important things AQ did was to capture leaders in the Iranian goverment, to swap them for the AQ leaders & families.
20. This is the story of how AQ was imprisoned in Iran. 
21. And some have tried to misuse this big trial and fitnah AQ leaders went through in Iran, and portray it like AQ have links with this Rafidi Safawi state Iran.
Arabic version via @BaaSerah

Translated by @AbuIzzadeen2 


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