Some people say that the current American, Western and apostate focus on the threat of the “caliphate” and the coalition the enemies have formed against it shows that it is on the right path!

Then Lebanese Hezbollah, the Iranian and Syrian regimes and Saddam Hussein and his Ba’athists are or were on the right path as well, because all of them have been focuses of American and Western coalitions at one time or another!

Similarly, the Armed Islamic Group  (GIA) in Algeria, which everyone now agrees deviated from the religion and became a corrupt and murderous Takfeeri group in the mid 1990s, was also on the right path as well, because Western and Arab security services and intelligence agencies kept it on the list of banned terrorist organizations even after its deviation and continued to target its members and supporters wherever it found them and break up their cells until its notorious and bloody ameer Antar Zouabri was hunted down and killed by Algerian police in February 2002. This despite the fact that at the same time the West and its Arab proxies were cracking down on the GIA, it was also at war with the sincere Mujahideen who would later form the nucleus of Qa’eda al-Jihad in the Islamic

The fact is, the present American-led coalition is more a Crusade against the Muslims and Mujahideen of Iraq and Syria and their uprisings against Western-backed tyrannies than it is a Crusade against the Islamic State group. But even if we accept that the Crusader coalition’s real target is the Islamic State group, that doesn’t exonerate it or prove that it’s on the right path, because America and the West target whoever they believe poses a threat to their interests, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, right or wrong, Mujahideen or mafias; and not only that, they sometimes exaggerate the threat posed by some groups in order to achieve certain objectives (like using the alleged threat to influence domestic opinion and justify military interventions which could not otherwise be justified); and that is why judging people and groups solely on the basis of the extent of hostility and antagonism
our enemies demonstrate towards them is a mistake; in fact, as far as I can tell, it is a contemporary bid’ah (innovation) which has no basis in the Quran, Sunnah or words of the scholars; and those who use it as a standard or measure will eventually
face a host of unanswerable questions and inevitable conclusions which they will have great difficulty answering or explaining away.

The only acceptable standard for differentiating between right and wrong and determining who is on the truth and who is not is knowledge of Shari’ah, and it is only when this knowledge is weak, lacking or absent that people resort to these made-up criterions and benchmarks. And when it comes to evaluating and judging the would-be “caliphate” and those who lead it, it suffices us that— as far as I know—no respected and acknowledged senior ‘aalim (man of knowledge) on earth has demonstrated sympathy for the stances and policies we criticize them for, and that the only people who have come to the defense of the caliphate’s leadership and stood by it—following the appearance and confirmation of its deviation and in spite of the gravity of its sins and errors—are low-ranking and junior students of knowledge and/or anonymous “Shaykhs” whom we only know about from their writings on the Internet.

[Page 59-60, Resurgence]


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