# Wake up call

Shaykh Ayman Muhammad Haroush, a member from the Shura counsel of Ahraar Shaam, comments on the complaints by some concerning the ties between Jabhat Nusra in Syria and the Al-Qaedah command in Afghanistan.

“I pity the minds who think that the Russians and the west strikes us and aids Bashar because of the presence of Al-Qaedah or an Islamic project, and they think that if only FSA were present then the situation would be different. And my pity increases when people say this who are described as scholars, theorist and researcher. Without looking at my agreement or disagreement concerning the emergence of Al-Qaedah. This is a  search for the reason why the world is hostile towards us and why they aid Bashar.

Those who know how the new world order was established and what its methods are after the fall of the Islamic Caliphate realizes that this world will not let a Muslim country reach its freedom. Even if it were ruled democratic, because democracy in our countries will open the door for someone who the west doesn’t want, that’s why they overthrew Arabic democratic governments and installed and aided dictatorships.

Is there any Al-Qaedah in Burma, and was there any Al-Qaedah in Bosnia? Nevertheless they destroyed it over the heads of its people. Was there any Al-Qaedah in Western Timor and was there any Al-Qaedah in Chechnya? And was the Algerian government which they overthrew and the government of Egypt not democratic? Our revolution stayed for over a year without the emergence of any Islamic movement, but the betrayal stayed still the same.”

– From his Facebook page.


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