Abu Ja’far al-Qurtubi said:
“Voices were raised in crying, and it became so loud that even the smart one would think that the whole world was screaming in a single voice. The people were so overwhelmed that some of them were distracted from praying over him. People expressed their remorse at his passing – including the Crusaders, due to how truthful and trustworthy he was”
Also, Adh-Dhahabi said:
“And I never saw a king, by whose death, people were so sad. This is because he was loved by everyone. He was loved by the righteous and the wicked, the Muslim and the kafir”
This was Salahudheen Ayyubi(رحمه الله). This was his lifestyle and character, and it was nothing other than this that served as the platform for the amazing victories across the lands that we remember him for today.

📝There is no way you can dream of defending the Shari’ah if you don’t even have the willpower to implement it on a daily basis in your own life.



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