​Brother Samiun Rahman is still awaiting his hearing on October the 14, he has been away from his loved ones for nearly three years, my brothers and sisters the situation in Bangladesh is getting critical he is a young brother a person who I know that is in touch with Samiun Rahman has said he feels like a old man and is getting affected physically & mentally, he is innocent from all these allegation yet 3 years onwards they have no evidence against him we are awaiting for his final decision yet they lock him up like a animal not letting him contact his family in the uk, the Muslims in the uk are quite the imams are not highlighting this issue of the young brother so hence why we come to you brothers & sisters if you want to attain some great reward by donating towards freeing the prisoners wallahi if you knew the reward you will crawl over ice just to free the prisoners so I urge you help the brother while you are helping yourself. All procedures goes towards the lawyers etc…
Donation: 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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