The Eight Nullifier 

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“Tawallî to the Kuffār is major Kufr that expels one from the fold of Islām (Kufrun Akbar mukhrijun minal Millah), and there is no tafsîl (details) in it. And it is of four types:
1- Mahabbah (loving) the Kuffār because of their religion.
Like the one who loves the people of Democracy for the sake of Democracy, and loves the legislating parliamentarians, and love the modernists and nationalists and the likes of them, due to their goals and their beliefs. So this one is a Kāfir with the Kufr of Tawallî.
He (Most High) said;
“O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and Christians as allies. They are but allies to each other. And if any amongst you takes them as allies, then surely he is one of them.” [Sūrat al-Mā’idah, v.51]
Because from the meanings of “Walî” is “Muhibb” (one who likes, loves); This was said by ibn al-Athîr (RahimahuAllāh) in ‘an-Nihāyah’ (5/228) .”
— Shaykh ‘Alî ibn Khudayr al-Khudayr (Fak’Allāhu asrahū)
This type of Tawallî is Kufr within itself (Bi ‘Thātihî). This kufr/riddah does not require helping the Kuffār against the Muslims, nor does it require lifting a finger against the Muslims – merely this type of Love is apostasy from Islām. And whosoever makes this a condition for the following three types of Tawallî, then that is a saying of from the followers of Irjā’ and Tajahhum.


​If building a physical structure needs effort and patience until it is complete, then building souls and guiding them to the truth also needs patience and sacrifice. 
The Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called people to Islam, patiently bearing the persecution of the kuffaar, Jews and hypocrites. 
They made fun of him and disbelieved in him; they insulted him and threw stones at him; they said that he was a sorcerer or a madman; they accused him of being a poet or a soothsayer – but he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) bore all that with patience until Allaah granted him victory and caused His religion to prevail. 
So the daa’iyah must follow his example:
“So be patient (O Muhammad). Verily, the Promise of Allaah is true; and let not those who have no certainty of Faith discourage you from conveying Allaah’s Message (which you are obliged to convey)al-Room 30:60

Before Mr Bai and his men were taken away to their makeshift prison that night by Taliban, they were blindfolded and had their hands tied.
Throughout his captivity in May this year, Mr Bai, a sergeant, was regularly fed, allowed to exercise and left physically unharmed. After 17 days, the militants gave him and his men a fresh set of clothes, including a turban and a pair of comfortable shoes.
Each of them was also handed the equivalent of US$480 (Dh1,760) in cash and told they would be released on one condition.
“We had to swear in the name of God that we would never join the army or police again and never fight against fellow Muslims,” Mr Bai told The National. “They took us to a mosque and an imam made us take an oath in Pashto.”

Shariah Meaning Of Jihad 

“ Jihad is a word that existed before Islam. It’s not a word invented by Islam. So the linguistic meaning of it according to “lisaan al arab” which is an authority in the Arabic language, Jihad means “exhausting your effort in a deed or a word”. 

You exhaust your effort , You go to the limit, You do your best in a deed or word. 

So this is a very general meaning, you could be exhausting your efforts for Satan or you could be exhausting efforts for Allah. That’s all Jihad according to the linguistic meaning. 

So linguistically Jihad is struggling, striving for anything. It could be striving for money, striving to marry; striving to fight the kuffar or striving to fight the momineen. It’s all Jihad in a linguistic sense. 

Now sharea’ introduced a new meaning to Jihad; and what is that meaning? According to “hasheth Ibn Abdeen”, which is a Hanafi book of fiqh; 

“Striving to a limit in fighting in the sake of Allah directly or by money or intellect or by increasing the numbers, or other means “ 

And in the commentary it says that “other means” could be tending to the injured or preparing food. ”

-Imam Anwar al Awlaki رحمه الله

The Kufr Of al-Istibdāl

The kufr of istibdāl (replacing parts of the Sharī’ah) without one claiming it is from Allāh
Shaykh Muhammad ibnu Ibrāhīm Aali Shaykh has a letter sent to the minister of commerce and production (Tijarah and Sana’ah), and he objected that in a body set by the ministry to arbitrate dispute about products between producers and consumers, there would be experts of man-made laws with experts of religious laws.
Shaykh Muhammad ibnu Ibrāhīm rahimahullāh said:
“I am thanking the minister for this explanation except that what I object to, and what all Muslims object to, and I wrote about it to his eminence the king and I spoke directly to him many times, is the matter of selecting the members of the man-made laws (Qanooniyeen) with the members of religious laws (Shar’iyeen) in this body, as it is told in the letter sent to the members. And selecting the members of the man-made laws (Qanooniyeen) with the members of religious laws (Shar’iyeen) means sharing (Ishtirak) in rulings that will be emitted in the name of conciliation and signing from the side of the qanooniyeen and Shar’iyeen.
And this without doubt makes these rulings submitted to the opinions of these qanooniyeen in the same manner as it is submitted to the opinions of the Shar’iyeen, and there is in this equating between the Sharī’ah and the man made Laws (Qawāneen Al-Wad’iyah) and opening the door to judging with man made laws (Al-Qawāneen Al-Wad’iyah) and replacing (Istibdāl) of the pure Sharī’ah Al Islamiyyah with them (man made laws), and this is something that the Imām of the Muslims, may Allāh protect him, and every Muslim truthful in his Islām rejects, as by judging by other than the Sharī’ah among the people, it means Al-Kufr and exiting from Islam (Khurooj minal Islām), and protection is sought from Allāh.

​Daily Reminders:

The Kuffar have united against us. No matter how many the Mujahideen kill from their ranks, they keep coming in thousands. People from all over the world, Afghanis, Iranis, Iraqis, Lebanese, Pakistanis and also Russians etc are helping Assad and it’s regime to kill innocent civilians in Syria. My question to you O’ Muslim is “when will you respond?” Don’t you hear the women and the children cry? Don’t you just feel the pain of the Ummah? How could you then claim that you’re from us while you ignore us? The Kuffar are coming in great numbers with weapons of mass destruction to attack your fellow brothers and sisters who have been bonded to you by the bond of Islam. This bond is supposed to be stronger than your blood relations. Yet you stay quiet, coming up with excuses when you are asked to help. Fear the Day you will be questioned about the blood of the Muslims spilled. What answer will you give to Allah when He will ask you, What did you do to help the oppressed?

Ask this question to yourself before you will be asked this question on the Last Day.

One day, the political detainees gathered around Salih Sariyah(رحمه الله) in the courtyard of the appeal prison, during his continous solitary confinement, and they pressed him to submit a pardon request. So he told them with a certainity of a believer,
“What does Anwar Sadat have from his own self that he can extend my life?”. Then he told them, “Look at this dreary prison, the bad food that it gives, and those clogged toilets that we discharge this food, it is this dunya in its reality, so why do we hold on it?”
Prior to execution, the wife of Salih Saraya came with her nine children to have a last visit. He told her, “If you submit pardon request, you’ll be divorced”