​Daily Reminders:

The Kuffar have united against us. No matter how many the Mujahideen kill from their ranks, they keep coming in thousands. People from all over the world, Afghanis, Iranis, Iraqis, Lebanese, Pakistanis and also Russians etc are helping Assad and it’s regime to kill innocent civilians in Syria. My question to you O’ Muslim is “when will you respond?” Don’t you hear the women and the children cry? Don’t you just feel the pain of the Ummah? How could you then claim that you’re from us while you ignore us? The Kuffar are coming in great numbers with weapons of mass destruction to attack your fellow brothers and sisters who have been bonded to you by the bond of Islam. This bond is supposed to be stronger than your blood relations. Yet you stay quiet, coming up with excuses when you are asked to help. Fear the Day you will be questioned about the blood of the Muslims spilled. What answer will you give to Allah when He will ask you, What did you do to help the oppressed?

Ask this question to yourself before you will be asked this question on the Last Day.


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