The Eight Nullifier 

The Eight Nullifier | Post 1of3
“Tawallî to the Kuffār is major Kufr that expels one from the fold of Islām (Kufrun Akbar mukhrijun minal Millah), and there is no tafsîl (details) in it. And it is of four types:
1- Mahabbah (loving) the Kuffār because of their religion.
Like the one who loves the people of Democracy for the sake of Democracy, and loves the legislating parliamentarians, and love the modernists and nationalists and the likes of them, due to their goals and their beliefs. So this one is a Kāfir with the Kufr of Tawallî.
He (Most High) said;
“O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and Christians as allies. They are but allies to each other. And if any amongst you takes them as allies, then surely he is one of them.” [Sūrat al-Mā’idah, v.51]
Because from the meanings of “Walî” is “Muhibb” (one who likes, loves); This was said by ibn al-Athîr (RahimahuAllāh) in ‘an-Nihāyah’ (5/228) .”
— Shaykh ‘Alî ibn Khudayr al-Khudayr (Fak’Allāhu asrahū)
This type of Tawallî is Kufr within itself (Bi ‘Thātihî). This kufr/riddah does not require helping the Kuffār against the Muslims, nor does it require lifting a finger against the Muslims – merely this type of Love is apostasy from Islām. And whosoever makes this a condition for the following three types of Tawallî, then that is a saying of from the followers of Irjā’ and Tajahhum.


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