In October 1086 on the banks of Zallaqa in Spain, Yusuf Ibn Tashfin(Moroccan Muslim ruler), in response to the pleas from Spanish Muslims, waged war against Alfonso VI(Christian Spanish ruler of the Triple Kingdom of Leon-Castile-Galicia).
Alfonso VI wrote to Yusuf before the battle, hurling much abuse at him, and made some references to the immensity of his own army and military strength, as if to frighten and scare him off. Yusuf’s reply was much shorter and more concise; “One who remains alive will see”
Out of seventy thousand Christian soldiers that assembled for battle, only five hundred are said to have survived and Alfonso himself was injured with a lance wound in his knee that later made him lame. Yusuf Ibn Tashfin managed to renew the youthfulness and spirit of Islam in Andalusia for four extra centuries.
If it was not for the colour of his skin, Islamic affiliation, successful rulership of a White European nation, Yusuf Ibn Tashfin may have received greater recognition and attention as well as praise for his unique transformation of Spain, from Non Muslim historians.



​Oh Believers , May Allah Preserve you !!
Be Warned and Take Heed that,  Among this days the most Evilest cult and dangerous and Harmful to Muslimeen will come out with very FICTITIOUS AND FABRICATED Stories and deviant practices with regards to what happened in this our blessed Month(Muharram).
And By Allah!, Know that Oh People ! It is Ahl-Sunnah wal Jammah who are Truly the MOST GRIEVED AND SADDENED people with regards to what happened in this Month.  We are those who believe that al-Husain and his brother al-Hassan are the Imaams of al-Shabaab in Jannaah.(May Allah be Pleased with them and Their Father,  Mother and All the Companions of the Messenger of Allah) 
And Notwithstanding all this Painful Wound in our history,  Know that  Oh my Brothers and Sisters(May Allah Preserve His Religion for You and I)!
Among the nations of the world, the Muslim’s nation is the only one filled with virtuous deeds and noble performance. Islamic history contains attested information about the deeds of its elders and heroes which are irrefutable. 
At a time when there is fierce rivalry amongst the nations of the world to excel one another; the Muslims despite having the most glorious history appear to be detached and careless as regards to their history. 
Even The very few Muslims that do have some inclination towards their glorious past tend to depend on Islamic histories written in a distorted form by the rivals and opponents of Islam and the Muslims. 
Instead, Muslims should rely on the praiseworthy endeavours of thousands of Muslim historians such as Ibn Kathir, Ibn Hisham, Ibn Al-Athir, Tabari, Masudi and so on. 
Books of Islamic history paint a portrait of the fascinating glory of the past Muslim era. Islamic history needs a deep study as the lessons derived from it will be of great benefit to individuals and societies.