📌 A verse of poetry and it’s meaning 
The vocalist (who sings) Al Khawlan said in one of his poems:
[سألتُ الصحبَ أين ضريح خِلّي *** أجابـوا ضريــحه في كل وادي].
The meaning of it is “I asked my companions were is the grave of my friend? And they said his grave is in every place in the valley!”
What’s the story behind this verse?!
📝 The former Guantanamo detainee Waleed Muhammad al Haaj says in his book (The Qal’a massacre and the darkness of Guantanamo, p. 24)
“Azzam al Najdi was standing in front of the entrance of the trench on Friday reminding the brothers to send plenty of prayers upon the Messenger and to read Surat al Kahf and to fortify themselves through the evening Adhkar (remembrance of Allah), when suddenly a missile came from the enemies’ direction which hit him and blew him apart into pieces. We found the upper part of his body and buried it. As for the lower part of his body we found it the next day and buried it also but in a different place. And because of that we began to call him as “The one with two graves”. And then a month after this incident while I was wandering in the valley, I found other parts of his body scattered about!”
The remains of this person were not gathered in one grave or place but they became scattered all over the valley.
Source : Ahmad Hamdan Telegram Channeling 


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