Shaykh Nāsir al-Fahad(حفظه الله) was asked: The issue of bringing about the Sharī’ah or ruling by the Sharī’ah through the process of voting, is this considered a Nullifier which takes one outside the fold of Islām? And what if he said: “I know for a fact or I am fairly certain that the Majority will vote in favour “For” (the Sharī’ah).”
Shaykh Nāsir al-Fahad(حفظه الله) responded by saying: Yes (it’s a Nullifier), and this is the rule of the people which is called “Democracy”, we declare our innocence in Allāh from it, and from every Tāghūt, and even if he said that ALL the people – Not only the Majority – will vote for it (i.e. Sharī’ah), it’s still invalid, and this is not the rule of Allāh, rather it is the rule of the people, for verily they did not rule/judge by it because Allāh has obligated or legislated it, rather they ruled/judged by it because the people wanted it, and if someone else wanted it, he would go ahead with it, so the deviations of those who affiliate themselves to the Islamic Party in this matter are numerous, and all you need to ponder over, are the Hadīths regarding the Khawārij, and how they were ruled by emission from Islām, and they were ordered to be killed, and they were maligned/rebuked severely despite their great acts of worship, and their exaltation of Islām and the Sharī’ah and their good intentions, so what is the reason for that? It is because they took a Manhaj from their own intellect, not the Manhaj of the Prophet(صلى الله عليه وسلم) and his Companions, so how about these (people) who do not have such (great) acts of worship and exaltation of the Sharī’ah which was present among those (i.e. Khawārij), and they (i.e. those who vote to bring the Sharī’ah) have almost fell into every form of Kufr, so will their good intentions intercede for them? And the discussion regarding this is lengthy, Wallāh ul-Musta’ān.


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