The Gheerah (Protective Jealousy)

The gheerah is opposite to Dayaathah and Al-Ghayoun i.e. the one who has this gheerah, is opposite to Dayouth who does not care about the honour of his family and has no gheerah for them. For this reason the man who has gheerah puts his life in danger and exhausts utmost effort and he may even put himself in front of all the arrows of death when he finds anyone insulting his honour, to the extent that if he stops the gheerah upon his family he will go down from the level of human to the level of the worst animal who does not care about his honour e.g. the pigs.

Imam Ibn Qayyim (ra) said
‘If the gheerah has left the heart, the whole Deen has left’
Therefore whoever misses the gheerah, misses the purity of life and he becomes lower than animals because no one will be praised for the jealousy over his honour except the honourable man and honourable woman, verily the pure life needs the effort of the good people and the dirty life has an easy way and takes you lower and lower. This is why the Jannah has been surrounded by what people dislike but the hellfire has been surrounded by the desires.
It is for this reason that Islam makes the Hijaab (i.e. the covering of the woman or the Khimaar and Jilbab) a great motive to enhance the jealousy of the Muslim upon his mahaarem and to be protective so that no one will reach them or attack them. Verily the Hijaab is a great motive to inherit lofty values and character, both among parents and children. Jealousy of a woman over her honour and upon her husband is a praised one, jealousy of the parents upon their daughters is a praised one, jealousy of the believers upon other believers not to be attacked in any form or shape is a praised one. Hence the good Muslim woman will be hurt and wounded and she will feel that her respect has been wounded and her purity attacked whenever a foreign man looks at her. Therefore Islam has blocked any way which could lead to affect the covering and lead to the Dayaatha and carelessness about the honour and the aworah.
It has been collected in Musnad of Imaam Ahmed, in Vol 15 at p118 that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said, as reported from Abu Hurairah, that
‘Allah (SWT) will never accept the salaat of any woman who wears perfume whilst going to the mosque, unless she washes from it the way she washes from the janabah (i.e. the big ritual impurity)’
Looking deeply at this hadith we can see that the Messenger Muhammad (saw) was so harsh with any woman wearing perfume and coming out of her home, even if she is going to the mosque to worship Allah (SWT), so much so that her salat will never be accepted unless she takes a shower like the shower for janabah, in order for all the signs of perfume to be removed from her body and so that her honour is not affected.
The women’s men have no shame nor do the men who have authority over them have any shame, they look like men but are in fact Dayouth i.e. pigs. The question will then obviously rise; are these men and women Muslims?


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