Muslims Are Fiddling As The House Burns 

​Muslims are fiddling as the house burns.
We’ll jump head-first into theological debates from a millennium ago, and choke completely on the challenges of modernity and science as they plunge us into identity crisis.
We’ll debate over gelatine and moonsighting in Ramadan for hours upon hours, but then choke on the crisis of Islamophobia as it sweeps us into oblivion.
The Muslim World can’t produce a fridge or boast a university in the world’s top 100, but by all means let’s build yet another massive, extravagant mosque to show off and give us a false sense of accomplishment.
Yes, Islam is a religion of the ‘big’ and ‘small’. But when we spend ten times more attention and effort on the ‘small’, and are being trashed and ravaged on the ‘big’, we have a problem.
We must respond in accordance with today’s major challenges; that is what must dominate our attention and resources.
We need to focus and prioritise.


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