​Sykes and Picot created borders for us. They said to us, “Jordon ends here at ar-Ramtha, and Syria begins after ar-Ramtha, and Jordon begins at al-Mudawwarah, and the Saudi state begins after Harat Ammar. And Kuwait? here it is, the city of Kuwait, the ‘state’ of Kuwait. And the state of Qatar is a single city. And so is the state of Bahrain. And Lebanon? here it is, the size of a coin. That’s the state of Lebanon. And here is Syria. Listen, this is your land and your birthplace, and love of one’s homeland is part of faith.” And so on…And we have begun to think in an Islamic way which is in truth not an Islamic way, but rather, a territorial way of thinking daubed with Islam. 
The Jordanian in ar-Ramtha sees the resident of Dara’a [across the border in Syria] being slaughtered in front of him by the Nusayrites, yet he doesn’t even bat an eyelid, move a muscle, or take an extra heartbeat; nor is he prepared to open the borders. Why? Because Islam ends at ar-Ramtha, and he has nothing to do with Islam in Dara’a. But when Jordanian in al-‘Aqaba winces in pain, you’ll find the same person [from ar-Ramtha] up in arms, although the distance between al-‘Aqaba and ar-Ramtha is more than 600 kilometres, while the distance between al-Ramtha and Dara’a is less than 6 kilometres. This isn’t an islamic attitude; this isn’t the attitude of “This Ummah of yours is one Ummah, and I am your Lord, so worship Me.”[Quran 21:92] 
Source: Shaykh Dr Abdullah Azzam (رحمه الله) on the psychology, unity and the strength of Muslims.


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