Gay Rights 

Gay Rights
Homosexuals fly out into the public eye showing off their filth demanding respect as if they have accomplished a great achievement. Their celebrations have turned into annual parades across the globe attracting hundreds of more insane people to this disgusting movement
Things didn’t stopped there, with the shaytan, the sky is the limit and every step he makes one take only takes them deeper into shame and humiliation. From this movement emerged whats even nastier. There really is no limit for these animals, as if sleeping with the same sex was not enough now they change their sex to become “who they thought they really were”. Living a lawless and religionless life, many don’t know who they are and resort to insane alternatives like surgical procedures costings hundreds of thousands of dollars to change who they are. From that they feel “real” and finally have a purpose in this life. Men wearing women clothing exposing their private parts while women disengage in the role they are most qualified for to be in what they consider “equal”.
Again it didn’t  stopped there. But the shaytan is tireless and his engine doesn’t stop. These filthy creatures have decided to leave their footprint and poison the mind of the young. There are cases of men performing multiple surgeries to replace the proper organs in themselves to have children. Biologically altering the body to give birth and then breastfeeding the child. 2 men can now adopt and raise children. How dare them deprive a child of the irreplaceable love and nurturing that only a mother can provide. Is this what their life has been reduced to? Superficial accomplishments of “being me” after hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on medical procedures because one can not identify his purpose in life.
The last point sums up, the “progress” and the “democracy” of the west. In America, the Arthur Ashe courage award is rewarded every year to someone who as the title says showed some courage. Courage is recognized regardless of the differences people have among each other in religion, gender, or race, courage is courage. America has a population of 330 million so lets examine the persons of courage in 2014 and 2015 just to get an idea of the direction this sick society is heading. 2014 award went to a college football player with extremely mediocre skills BUT was gay and the this qualified him for the reward; 2015 even worse. In 2015 the award was given to a celebrity male who has switched to female well above the age of 60 years old. 
Is this the most courageous member of the “home of the brave, the so called super power of this era”.


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